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Vertical Gardens

Earth & Colour4 350h

Choose from a variety of vertical garden options for your home or office.

Transform a wall or fence to create a living artwork.

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Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Supplies

We stock all the top brands in hydroponic nutrients, additives, lighting and growing substrates.

Canna, House and Garden, BAC, Grodan, Powerplant, and more.

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Established Bonsai,

Bonsai Tools, Pots and Accessories.

Learn the art of Bonsai.

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A & B Nutrients

Hydroponic Nutrients

Our own tried and tested hydroponic solution.

A & B Veg

A & B Flower

High grade solution at a budget price

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Top Specials

Hydroponic Specials

Top Hydroponic Specials!

Check back to see our regularly updated in-store specials

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Imported Stoneware

Carved balinese pot tall 800

Water features, carved stone bowls, balinese statues and figurines.

New Shipment Coming Soon!

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